Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Song I Wrote Inside a Restroom

How do I write songs? Sometimes, I come across with such a question. Honestly, it was not easy to answer. How does a bird sing? How does a painter paint his masterpiece? There is no fixed formula. If there is, then all of us will create songs. And there won’t be a variety in the songs we make much like 1+1=2 and is always equals to 2.
Inspiration. That’s one important element. I need to be inspired to be able to create a tune. It doesn’t really mean that I need to see something wonderful or miraculous like the parting of the Red Sea or healing of an incurable disease. But all it takes is an atmosphere that could stir me to express something – an ordinary church gathering where there is good fellowship; an enlightening or encouraging personal testimony; a good story from a magazine, book, or from the internet; a well prepared minister’s sermon or message on the pulpit. Or sometimes, some not-so-good events that I see or read can also move me to develop a melody.
Also, starting to write a song never chooses a place; it could be inside, outside, noisy, silent, while travelling or just roaming around. (That’s why I always bring an audio recorder; thanks to the mobile phone technology making it capable of sound recording.) The important thing is I am in the mood to express something through a tune. And the melody just comes into my mind. Then I would hum it.. and record it. Then develop it into a full song when I have the time to do so.
Here is a song I was able to compose while I was inside a restroom. It was in Singapore. I think it was in May, 2005. I was scheduled to sing that one Sunday in the worship service of Jesus is Lord (JIL) Church Singapore. Before I went in that function room in a hotel where they hold their worship service, I went to the restroom. Inside, I could still hear their singing. All of a sudden, a melody came to me. I got my mobile phone and recorded the tune. I find the melody to be very acceptable so I developed it into a song later on. I restructured the melody a little more and put words into it. And that’s how this song was made. The title of the song is “For I Know Jesus” which I included in my solo album “His Ballads” released in the early of 2006. I thank the Lord for this song, as many liked it and were blessed by its message.

lermapringles said...

Wow! this song really made me cry!truly, we may not have anythng in this world but when we have Jesus, we are complete co'z it's only Him could satisfy our needs.I believe through your closeness to Him make you really inspired to write a songs...and it really came from the heart.and ofcourse it's a special gift from God to glorify His name!God bless you and more souls to be saved through your songs.

mabel said...

Hello there Kuya Ricky Sanchez..how are you?
I just want to say Thank You for posting this video as I belong on that event..
I am your avid fan since I was high school, lahat ng mga song's mo kabisado ko,actually namin ng isa kong sister (si Ate Precy). Mas naging faithfull christian ako sa tulong ng mga awit mo..Ipinagpapasalamat ko na nakita muli kita sa personal,at naging bahagi rin ako sa event na iyan..Thanks to God dahil hanggang ngayon patuloy na lumalakas ang pananampalataya namin sa kabila ng dinaranas naming problema dito sa Singapore, pero everytime na pinakikinggan ko ang mga tape na may signature mo pa...wow! I really love your songs..very inspirational! nakakatulong sa spiritual life nmin mag-anak.
You know what, that time na nagperformed ka dito sa Singapore, nilalagnat ako,gusto ko sana magpa-pray nun sa iyo pero wala ng time..
Patuloy mo kami isama sa iyong mga panalangin..Masayang-masaya po ako dahil sa pagsabay ko sa mga awitin mo ,ito ay nagsisilbing "musika" sa aking puso. Maraming salamat kuya Ricky!
Patuloy ka pa po gumawa ng mga inspirational songs..Glory to God!!
God continue used your songs para marami pa mga tao ang makakilala sa ating Diyos na si Hesu-kristo!
Thank you po.
God bless all the filipinos around the world!!

Your sister in christ,